About Us

Casa Xochitl (pronounced 'szocheel')...a desert oasis near the Sea of Cortez

Winn & Dan, recently relocated from the Pacific Northwest, co-host this peaceful retreat-like villa in an authentic Mexican neighborhood. It's a secure/safe, reasonably quiet and beautiful setting graced by a brick arches, palms, colorful bougainvilleas and a grand laurel, a centerpiece in the courtyard.


​Beyond this is a flagstone patio area featuring a fish pond water feature. Birds of many descriptions come to the waterfall to drink and bathe, particularly in the mornings. Further back is a second long table under a long palapa roof. This is a favorite gathering spot for guests as a more informal drinking/dining area, also often used as a work space for travelers needing to stay connected.


A rock cactus garden off the "formal" (yet informal - it's Mexico!) dining area has a water feature that's enjoyed by hummingbirds and other feathered friends whose nests reside in the garden's plants.

The Bay of La Paz, purple desert mountains beyond and the city lights can be viewed from the balcony of the loft (room #3) as well as the rooftop "lounge" above the front dining area. It's a great spot to catch the first warming rays of the sunrise while sipping coffee, feel the evening breezes, and capture some of the most colorful sunsets around. We really love watching the world go by from this vantage point (usually margaritas in hand :-).