La Paz (translation: Peace) is a bustling city of about a quarter million inhabitants, and the Capital city of BCS. While completely unlike the touristy nature of the Los Cabos area and Cabo San Lucas, there's plenty to do! We love the fact that so many various attractions exist within just a few minutes or up to about an hour drive from our central hub.

Of course there are many dozens of stunning beaches for sunning, swimming, surfing and snorkeling (not to mention SUP, kayaking, windsurfing and sailboarding). La Paz is the only area on either the Pacific or Sea of Cortez side to have 2 of the top 10 rated beaches out of the over 2,000 miles of pristine coastline that comprises the Baja Peninsula. It's also home to a well-protected, enormous island marine preserve (Isla Espiritu Santo) that locals and tourists visit year-round.

If one can tear themselves from the beach for a day or even just an afternoon, there's fossil hunting, whale shark and sea-lion snorkeling experiences, a beautiful waterfront Malecon (nearly 6 km long!), horses or bicycles to be ridden, hiking/exploration, hot springs, and a multitude of great restaurants, food carts, bars and a brewpub or two to savor.

You won't run out of things to do - or not do - while here, you'll only run out of time! 


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